17 / 01 2018

Namibian-German Center for Logistics: Article in DAAD magazine

Flensburg, 17/01/2018: Recent issue of the DAAD’s alumni magazine LETTER (p.30/31) contains a practicable article on prospects of study at Namibian-Germal Center for Logistics, for students and for the African region as a whole. Two students have shared their experience of studying at NGCL.

Tangeni Mwashekele, a Master Student at the Namibian-German Center for Logistics, has shared his view on the topic: “Logistics is a backbone of any economy and studying it presents better opportunities for the country, region and the world at large. Studying at NGCL has changed my social, academic and working life”. Kashi Ndaikwila, who recently received her Bachelor certificate, already has a position at the Namibian Port Authority and she is passionate about her job.